A digital ecosystem

MyLugano is an innovative initiative promoted by the City of Lugano to enjoy the city and support the local economy. The project leverage blockchain technology and a local payment token called LVGA top create an incentive for people to buy locally. By downloading the App you will access discounts and special offers and earn LVGA when shopping locally at affiliated shops.

MyLugano consist of:

Why is this important?

The aim of MyLugano is to support small and medium-sized businesses active in the retail sector in the Lugano area by creating a tangible incentive for local shopping in the city.

By joining the MyLugano circuit, consumers have access to discounts and special offers and earn LVGA with their purchases at local affiliated shops. In turn, retailers, by issuing the discounts in the form of cashback and not a traditional discount, help to keep the cashback money in the city, creating a beneficial effect for the whole economic chain.

In this way, the LVGA, unify the city's commerce to create a real widespread supermarket where local and international consumers can find all types of products and services at favourable conditions.


MyLugano, an initiative that is part of the Lines of Development of the City of Lugano 2018-2028

As explained in the Lines of Development 2018-2028, Lugano wants to be "a model of innovation and collaboration", attentive to the quality of life of its citizens and its region. Lugano therefore wants to be a hub city between the North and the South of the Alps and intends to position itself as a benchmark for digital innovation in the field of new technologies and a financial centre that looks at new opportunities, in particular in the field of decentralised finance and the Fintech sector.

In this context, My Lugano is therefore to be understood as an initiative in line with the objectives expressed in the Lines of Development 2018-2028. MyLugano also extends its use not only to resident citizens, but also to visitors, tourists and international travellers.

MyLugano, an initiative that makes the most of local expertise:

MyLugano can count on the active coordination of Lugano Living Lab, the urban laboratory of the City of Lugano created in partnership with USI.

MyLugano is enriched by the skills of the territory's academic centres USI, SUPSI and FUS, as well as a growing number of companies specialising in blockchain technology.

Towards a "Lugano Blockchain & Crypto-Friendly city"

The City of Lugano has been a forerunner in the adoption of blockchain technology with the LVGA, the city payment token used by thousands of people, and the launch of 3AChain, the city's blockchain available to partners and businesses in the area. In addition, the recent success of initiatives in the field of Blockchain, Fintech, and the world of NFT show that the context is more than ever favourable to strengthen the position of Lugano as a Blockchain & Crypto-Friendly city. In this sense, MyLugano represents a pilot project that is giving real results as well as an important piece of a wider city project.