The MyLugano Circuit

MyLugano is an innovative project implemented by the City of Lugano to support the local economy. The project consists in the creation of a city-wise loyalty program with a dedicated payment token (the LVGA), which can be collected or spent exclusively at local businesses thus creating an incentive for people to buy local.

The circuit works with a cashback mechanism. Instead of receiving a standard price discount, MyLugano Card and MyLugano Pass holders are rewarded with LVGA when shopping at local shops. The cashback is calculated as a percentage of the total cost paid and it is different for residents and not residents. This system contributes to keeping the money local creating a positive effect for the entire economic circuit.

All the payment transactions are managed with the MyLugano App. The mobile app comes in two different versions: one for the customers and one for the merchants.

Why to become a partner?

Benefits to join the circuit:

Boost your business: MyLugano allows your business to attract new customers by targeting a fast-growing community that already counts thousands of MyLugano Card and MyLugano Pass holders.

Accept LVGA as payment: Get access to more than 300,000 CHF in LVGA that are already circulating within the circuit. Be part of an innovative loyalty circuit and contribute with the cashback to its development and sustenance.

Get spotted: Get featured in our shop and get visibility throughout our digital platforms and social media channels. Create a positive perception of your business in the eyes of the customer holding the loyalty card.

Go digital but stay local: Join a highly innovative project, based on a local digital currency, which is still unique in Switzerland. The project wishes to support your business in the digital transformation journey. We provide you with a user-friendly and highly technological platform and offer continuous support.

Zero cost: Being a MyLugano Card partner is free. The only condition to become a partner is to offer a discount of 10% for MyLugano Card holders (card for residents) and 5% for MyLugano Pass holders (card for non-residents).

How to join

You can choose between two options: the cashback option, which allows the user to earn LVGA with every purchase or the basic discount option, which allows the user to receive a discount in the form of a reduced price.

The cashback option is by far the favourite option by our partners as it allows not only the management and collection of LVGA but also the access to additional benefits including: promoting their offers in the bi-weekly newsletter of MyLugano (15'000+ subscribers), possibility to receive payments from the numerous gift cards, possibility to get featured on our social media channels with dedicated stories as well as other promotional benefits.

In order to join the circuit your operational headquarters and / or a point of delivery must be within the municipality of Lugano.

Any exceptions concerning businesses operating outside the municipal area, but not in competition with local activities, are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The partnership has an indefinite duration. The partner who intends to terminate the partnership must notify in writing the termination of the contract to the Events and Congresses Division by writing to at the end of each month with a 30 days’ notice. The same right is given to the Municipality, which has no obligation to affiliate or maintain the affiliation over time.

By filling out the form with your information, the MyLugano team will contact you to follow up on your request.

Upon receipt of written approval, the requesting partner will receive the MyLugano Membership Agreement and Terms & Conditions