MyLugano Card

The procedure for digitising your analogue Lugano Card is very simple:
  1. Download the MyLugano app on your device
  2. In the “Wallet” section, click on the button “Digitize card”
  3. Enter the required personal information and take a selfie. It will be used to verify your identity at checkout.
  4. You will receive by mail at your home address a PIN code to be entered in the screen to complete the process
  5. Done! The data from your analogue MyLugano Card or Lugano Card have been transferred to the app. Your card is now a digital MyLugano Card!
The analogue MyLugano Card with the QR code will be sent to your home free of charge and you can use the card to obtain discounts and cashback.
You can download the MyLugano app and log in with the email address you provided when you purchased the analogue card. You can use the analogue card to obtain discounts but not cashback. To access the app, you will need to create a new password through the "retrieve password" button.
You can request a free digital MyLugano Card with the QR code by making an appointment at one of the City's info points. To use the LVGA Points you will have to decide whether to use the analogue card or the digital one.
You can request a duplicate free of charge by making an appointment at one of the City's info points and send an e-mail to the following address to block the card:
You can view the points balance on your analogue MyLugano Card by showing the QR code at one of the City's info points or by asking one of the partners during a purchase.
You can make an appointment at one of the City's info points and a new card will be reprinted at no charge.
Send an email to the following address so that the card can be blocked: When you download the MyLugano app to a new device, your user account will appear with your details and LVGA Points.
No, the PIN is sent by mail to the address where you live.
No, the digital version is not available at the moment.
No, at the moment MyLugano Pass holders are not eligible for cashback in the form of LVGA Points but can only take advantage of discounts in the form of price reductions.
The MyLugano Card, intended for Lugano residents, allows you to accumulate and spend LVGA Points, in addition to this it gives access to further discounts and benefits. In fact, not all partners extend their discounts to MyLugano Pass holders. MyLugano Pass holders can however benefit from many discounts and facilities. The MyLugano Pass is intended for all non-residents of Lugano (workers, tourists, students and therefore all those who spend time in Lugano without living there). More information: link
The blue card corresponds to the Lido Card, for those who have a subscription to the Sports Division facilities, while the red card corresponds to the MyLugano Card, which gives access to discounts and cashback.
All cards issued before January 1, 2016 expired on December 31, 2020. Instead, cards issued on or after January 1, 2016 show the expiration date on the back.
The Wallet (digital wallet) can be found on the first screen of the App, or at the bottom, corresponding to the wallet symbol.
Unlike previous years, MyLugano Card holders will not only benefit from the discount in the form of a price reduction but will also receive cashback in the form of LVGA Points for each access to a public Sport Division facility. For more information, please consult the MyLugano Card magazine (pages 41-42-43) or contact the lido ticket offices.
Yes, holders of the analogue Lugano Card are still entitled to a discount in the form of a reduced price on admission to the Lugano Lido.
No, the MyLugano Card is only available from 14 years of age (inclusive).
Students from 14 years of age who do not live in Lugano can apply for a MyLugano Pass, students from 14 years of age who live in Lugano can apply for a MyLugano Card.
Patricians of Lugano can apply for the MyLugano Card by presenting the patrician certificate.
People living in Lugano with a B or C permit can apply for the MyLugano Card.
Not at the moment.
The 4-digit code that the app requires is a personal code that is set directly by the user, like the PIN code that you enter when you turn on your mobile phone. If you no longer remember the code, you can deactivate the app and reinstall it, choosing the desired 4-digit code.
Check that all the required information has been entered. If a white screen continues to appear, uninstall and reinstall the App.
Click on "Forgot password", enter your email address and click on "Reset password". An email will be sent to your email address with a link you can open from your smartphone to reset your app password.
By contacting one of the following info points by phone:
Events and Congresses Division
Via Trevano 55, 6900 Lugano
Tel. +41 (0)58 866 6075 / 6065

Puntocittà Lugano Centro
Via della Posta 8
6900 Lugano
t. +41 58 866 60 00
Mon, Mon and Fri 7.30-12.00 and 13.30-17.00
Ma and Thur 7.30-18.00

Puntocittà Pambio-Noranco
Via Pian Scairolo 18a
6915 Lugano Pambio-Noranco
t. +41 58 866 64 60
Mon-Fri 7.30-12.00 and 13.30-17.00

Puntocittà Pregassona
Via Sala 13
6963 Lugano Pregassona
t. +41 58 866 65 11
Mon-Fri 7.30-12.00 and 13.30-17.00


The procedure for making a booking on MyLugano is very simple:
  1. Select the property or event you wish to book
  2. Select the date from the calendar and the desired time slot (if available)
  3. Enter the required personal information, type of admission and click on continue
  4. Check your booking details on the summary page before confirming
  5. By accepting the terms and conditions and clicking on book you will access the "Order Summary" page.
  6. Proceed to online payment by choosing the desired method
  7. Done! You will receive a confirmation email and a QR code to show at the checkout to access the structure. You don't have the possibility to print the QR code or bring the confirmation email with you? Just write down the 6-digit PIN code in the email and communicate it once you arrive at the checkout.
Together with the confirmation of your reservation you will receive a QR code and a PIN code that must be shown at the counter to access the facility or event.
If you have digitized your MyLugano Card within the app, you can access your tickets and reservations directly from the wallet within the app.
If you have scanned your MyLugano Card into the app, the cashback in LVGA Points will be automatically credited to your account at the end of the payment process.
If you are purchasing from the MyLugano website and have not yet digitized your card in the app but have an analogue MyLugano Card with the QR code on the back, you can claim cashback by presenting your QR code at checkout. Currently, the MyLugano website does not allow you to authenticate yourself as a MyLugano Card user. This is because the management and receipt of LVGA Points requires a wallet (electronic wallet) available only on the app. We recommend that you download and use the app for your bookings to benefit from immediate cashback after payment.
If you use the MyLugano app and have scanned your MyLugano Card you can choose to pay using LVGA Points when you pay. Alternatively, you can go directly to the Lido without a reservation and pay with LVGA Points.
Yes, even payments through LVGA Points entitle you to cashback in LVGA Points according to the rates and offers proposed by the facility.
Report the problem via the support form. We will verify the problem and send you a confirmation email if necessary.
MyLugano Card rates and offers vary depending on the facility. In the case of Lido di Lugano, if you purchase tickets for the Adult, AVS and Youth (14-20 years old) categories with the MyLugano Card, you are entitled to a discount with relative cashback credited in the form of LVGA Points.
The booking service is an online service and requires a valid email address for delivery and confirmation of the booking.

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