What are LVGA Points?

LVGA Points are loyalty points contained in a digital wallet (blockchain-based) within the MyLugano app that can be used to pay for goods and services in public and private venues that have joined the MyLugano card circuit.

As payment tokens, they represent an alternative form of digital payment within the circuit and their function is to encourage spending within the local economy.

The cashback system applied in the MyLugano circuit involves crediting discounts not as a reduction in the purchase price (percentage discount), but as a credit in loyalty points. LVGA points are therefore credited as a percentage to each user's account for every purchase made (10% of the purchase price for MyLugano Card users and 5% for MyLugano Pass users).

LVGA Points can also be purchased within the app by credit card payment. LVGA Points are a so-called stablecoin. This is a token that unlike bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies has a stable price because it is tied to the value of the Swiss Franc.

100 LVGA = 1CHF


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