The MyLugano Card, an evolution of the 2002 Lugano Card, is your digital card for discounts and benefits in the city. You can easily obtain it through the MyLugano app, the official platform of the Lugano Municipality to promote local spending.

LVGA is an innovative form of payment based on blockchain technology. Designed to encourage local spending, LVGA can be purchased or earned through cashback, with the advantage of being stable (100 LVGA = 1 CHF).

In the MyLugano circuit, LVGA cashback replaces traditional discounts. You receive a 10% refund with a verified profile and 5% with a basic profile on every purchase, making local spending even more convenient.

The MyLugano Card offers a 10% cashback, while the MyLugano Pass offers 5%. Both are free and obtained through the MyLugano app, encouraging users to actively participate in the local spending program.

For those who prefer a gradual transition, the physical MyLugano Card is temporarily available at City Points. With a 10% cashback, this card provides physical support for accumulating and spending LVGA.

An electronic wallet is your digital safe to manage LVGA. Whether you choose an app on your device or a physical device, the wallet allows you to receive, store, and send funds securely.

The blockchain is the secure digital ledger that tracks all transactions. 3Achain, Lugano’s blockchain platform, is the technological infrastructure supporting LVGA, ensuring security and transparency. For more details, visit

A cryptocurrency is a secure digital currency that uses cryptography to protect transactions and control the creation of new units. In this context, LVGA is a local cryptocurrency specifically designed to facilitate transactions within the MyLugano circuit.

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency open globally, used as a peer-to-peer payment method. Unlike LVGA, Bitcoin is subject to value fluctuations as it is not anchored to a traditional currency.

A fungible token is interchangeable with another token of the same category. LVGA and Bitcoin are considered fungible tokens, as each unit is equivalent to another. On the other hand, a non-fungible token (NFT) is unique and cannot be replaced with another. NFTs are often used to represent unique digital assets such as digital art or games. In short, while LVGA is a fungible token designed to facilitate local spending, Bitcoin is also a fungible token but with a broader purpose as a store of value and a means of global exchange. Both leverage blockchain technology to ensure security and transparency in digital transactions.

The secret phrase is your personal key to securely access your LVGA. With 12 or 24 words, it serves as an advanced password, essential for protecting your digital assets.

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Self custody is autonomy in managing your digital resources. Maintain control of your private keys for secure and responsible management of digital assets.

NFTs are unique digital tokens certifying ownership of digital assets. Each NFT, based on the blockchain, is an authentic and indivisible representation of a digital asset.