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App MyLugano

The MyLugano App is the official platform of the City of Lugano designed to promote local spending through the use of a digital payment currency, LVGA, which users acquire by purchasing it at affiliated businesses. When making purchases with the app, users receive cashback in LVGA, up to 10% of the purchase value, which is credited directly in-store by the merchant. The accumulated or purchased LVGA in the app can be spent on purchases in the city, generating a positive impact on the entire local economy.

Downloading the MyLugano App and joining the community offers various advantages, including the activation of the electronic wallet to receive cashback and accumulate LVGA. All users utilizing the app enjoy a discount of up to 10% in the form of cashback at affiliated businesses and public facilities within the circuit. Additionally, users can conveniently book events and purchase tickets at discounted prices, paying in either CHF or LVGA through the app.

The app can be used at a wide range of businesses, including shops, pharmacies, bars, restaurants, and other establishments. You will find the list of affiliated partners in the “Pay in LVGA in Lugano” section on the website and the “map” feature in the app, with the number of partners continually growing. Additionally, you can use it to book and purchase discounted tickets for various city facilities and attractions.

MyLugano originated during the pandemic initially as a reservation platform for managing public facilities, ensuring tracking and social distancing. Subsequently, it evolved into a measure to support the local economy by digitizing the Lugano Card and integrating it into an app with a digital wallet. Through cashback and the use of the LVGA token, the app creates an incentive for local spending, contributing to the sustenance of the city’s economy.

LVGA Token

LVGA is the official payment token of the City of Lugano based on blockchain technology. It serves as a digital payment alternative within the MyLugano circuit, encouraging local spending at affiliated businesses. LVGA can be purchased through the MyLugano App or obtained as cashback during purchases, and it can be spent on goods and services at partner stores.

Yes, LVGA is the official payment token of the City of Lugano, recognized as an alternative form of payment within the city’s economic circuit. Their value is pegged to the Swiss Franc at a fixed exchange rate of 100 LVGA = 1 CHF.

Technically, LVGA can be compared to a cryptocurrency, as they are based on blockchain technology. However, unlike other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, LVGA exists only within the MyLugano wallet and holds value exclusively within the city’s economic circuit. They cannot be exchanged for other currencies, and their value is anchored to the Swiss Franc, avoiding fluctuations.

To obtain LVGA, simply download the app and activate a verified profile. This automatically earns you a welcome bonus of 500 LVGA (5 CHF). Additionally, you receive cashback in LVGA every time you make a purchase at a business affiliated with the circuit or buy tickets and entries for events through the app.

Environmental impact

The City of Lugano is aware of the environmental impact of cryptocurrencies, taking into consideration, for example, the debate on energy consumption associated with protocols such as Bitcoin’s. Recognized as the “City of Energy,” Lugano adopts a targeted technological solution to significantly reduce the environmental impact associated with LVGA. The latter is based on the private blockchain 3Achain, co-promoted by the city in collaboration with local public and private companies. By utilizing the “Proof of Authority” consensus protocol, involving validators selected for authority and reputation, the energy consumption required to validate transactions is drastically reduced, distinguishing it from traditional “Proof of Work” protocols. This solution has already earned recognition for the city, and further details are available at www.3Achain.org.

3Achain’s technology, adopted for LVGA, is based on a “Proof of Authority” protocol, where transactions are validated by a limited number of “validators” known for their authority. This approach differs from traditional “Proof of Work,” significantly reducing the energy consumption required for block validation. Unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, this solution aims to minimize the environmental impact associated with LVGA.

Who it is aimed at

The MyLugano App is accessible to everyone, including residents, non-residents, workers, tourists, and students aged 14 and above. It is designed to provide discounts and an innovative shopping experience. Merchants affiliated with the MyLugano circuit receive the app for free, with a dedicated interface to manage transactions with customers.

Yes, the activation of the MyLugano App is available only for those who are 14 years old or older. Individuals below this age cannot register and activate the app.

Not a problem. You can request a physical card with a QR code at any City counter, through which you can access discounts and accumulate LVGA. This option provides flexibility for those who prefer a physical solution or do not have a smartphone.

How to Start

You can download the MyLugano App free of charge from the Apple store or Android store.

No, profile activation is free. Additionally, by completing the verification process, you receive a welcome bonus of 500 LVGA (5 CHF) provided by the City.

No, the activation process is entirely digital and can be done remotely at any time, regardless of your location, whether you are in Lugano or elsewhere.

  1. Download the MyLugano app for iOS or Android.
  2. Register as a new user by providing the required information.
  3. Congratulations, your basic account has been created.


If you want to unlock all advanced features, proceed to verify your profile following the steps below; otherwise, you can start using the app.

  1. Click on “Verify your account.”
  2. Complete the required information, take a selfie, and provide the front and back of a valid identification document (ID card, passport, Swiss driver’s license, residence permit).
  3. Our team will manually verify your request.
  4. If the provided documents and information are correct, you will receive a notification informing you that your verified profile has been activated.

The MyLugano App offers two categories of profiles:

  • The basic account, obtained automatically by registering in the app, requires entering only standard information such as name, surname, email, and date of birth. This account is associated with a MyLugano Pass and allows access to the app’s basic functions with a 5% cashback.
  • The verified account is obtained by completing the in-app profile verification process, providing additional personal information, including a selfie and a copy of a valid identification document. With a 10% cashback, this account is associated with a MyLugano Card and provides access to all advanced features, such as sending LVGA from user to user.

The MyLugano App adheres to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and follows standard regulations applicable to all apps that handle funds. Profile verification through an identification document and selfie is required to obtain a verified profile, granting access to all advanced features. This procedure ensures both security against fraud and improper use of funds.

Visit the nearest City Point to you. Our team will transfer the details of your physical card to the digital version, allowing you to access all the app’s functionalities.

Account Management

Click on “Forgot Password,” enter your email address, and click “Reset Password.” Follow the link sent via email to reset the app password.

In the app settings, go to the security section, click on “Change Password.” Confirm the old password and enter the new one.

After 4 failed attempts, click on “Recover Password.” You will be able to set a new security code. Alternatively, uninstall and reinstall the app to reset your security code.

In the app settings, go to the security section, click on “Change PIN.” Enter the current PIN and choose a new one.

Contact support. It will be necessary to create a new account with a new email address, with the transfer of the remaining funds.

Download the app on a new device and enter your credentials. You can change your credentials at any time. If you created the “Secret Phrase,” you will be asked to enter it for the restoration of your account and funds. If you prefer to lock your profile, send an email to my@lugano.ch.

In the app’s profile section, click on “Edit Profile” to update your personal information.

The basic profile is unlimited, while the verified profile needs to be updated each time the uploaded document expires. You will be notified via email before the expiration of the provided identification document. Simply log into the app to renew the profile by uploading a new valid identification document in the designated section.

The “Cards” section allows you to add family members to your account to receive multiple cashbacks when purchasing tickets for events, access to beaches, etc. The process requires valid and active digital cards on both apps.

To permanently delete your account, go to settings, click on support, and select “Remove account.” Please note that there is no refund for any remaining credits on your account.

Management of Funds

Paying with LVGA allows you to automatically receive up to 10% cashback on every purchase made at all businesses affiliated with the circuit.

No, buying, sending, and paying with LVGA is not subject to transaction costs. The technological infrastructure is managed and provided by the City as a measure to support the local economy.

  • Activating the verified account automatically gives you 500 LVGA (5 CHF) as a welcome bonus.
  • Purchasing from affiliated businesses, you will receive up to 10% cashback in LVGA for each purchase of value equal to or greater than 5 CHF.
  • Buying tickets and entries for affiliated structures/events through the “Vivere Lugano” section of your app will automatically give you cashback in LVGA.
  • Sending and receiving funds between users with active profiles.
  • Ensure that the store is part of the MyLugano circuit.
  • In the store, open your app and click on “Pay.”
  • Scan the merchant’s QR code to make the payment and receive cashback.

You can buy LVGA in the “Buy” section of your app. It is not possible to purchase LVGA outside of the MyLugano app.

  • Paying with LVGA, the cashback is automatically calculated and credited.
  • Paying with cash or credit card, you can request cashback afterward. Click on the cashback button in your app and show the QR code to the merchant to receive the credit.
  • You can request cashback even without paying with LVGA.
  • If you forgot to ask for cashback in the store, you can return with the receipt to obtain it.
  • Your balance is visible at the top left of the main screen of your app.
  • By clicking on “Transactions” on the main screen, you can view the list of your transactions.
  • After each transaction, the app displays a confirmation screen.
  • Push notifications (if enabled) will send you additional confirmation messages after the payment is made.

  • Check your internet connection and ensure that push notifications are enabled.
  • Verify the list of transactions in your app. It may take a few seconds for the list to update. Try exiting and re-entering the app if you notice that the list has not been updated.
  • In case of persistent issues, contact support at my@lugano.ch.
  • Yes, it is possible for users with a verified account, up to a maximum of 40,000 LVGA (400 CHF monthly).
  • Users with a basic account must complete the verification of their profile to send or receive funds.

No, LVGA is designed to create value within the local economic circuit and cannot be exchanged for other currencies or cryptocurrencies in any way.


  • Select the desired structure or event.
  • Choose the date and time if available.
  • Enter the required personal information and proceed to payment.

You can pay with a credit card or use the accumulated LVGA.

In the “Cards” section of the app, you will find your tickets and reservations.

Show the QR code confirmation directly from the app or from the confirmation email.

Use the confirmation email with the QR code or print it to show at the counter.

By booking through the App with an active MyLugano account, you receive a LVGA cashback. You can also pay in LVGA when purchasing a ticket.

  • Currently, reservations on my.lugano.ch do not allow you to receive LVGA.
  • It is recommended to use the app to benefit from immediate cashback.

Report the issue through the support form to receive assistance.

  • Rates and discounts vary, but for the Lugano Lido, purchasing with the MyLugano Card offers discounts and cashback.
  • Learn how to create a Family Account in the dedicated section.

The reservation service requires a valid email address for confirmation and delivery.

Analogue cards

  • The old Lugano Cards are still valid and offer a standard discount at affiliated stores.
  • You can switch to the new digital version and start using LVGA by downloading the app and obtaining a new card. For instructions, see the “Activate your account” section.

No, however, you can switch for free to the digital version through the app or request a new physical card of the new generation at the counters of the City Points.

The old Lugano Card has been replaced by the new MyLugano Card. If you wish to maintain a physical card, you can request an analog MyLugano Card at one of the counters.

You can contact one of the listed counters by phone:

  – Sportello Foce: Via Foce 1, 6900 Lugano – Tel. +41 (0)58 866 48 00

  – Puntocittà Lugano Centro: Via della Posta 8, 6900 Lugano – Tel. +41 58 866 60 00

  – Puntocittà Pambio-Noranco: Via Pian Scairolo 18a, 6915 Lugano Pambio-Noranco – Tel. +41 58 866 64 60

  – Puntocittà Pregassona: Via Sala 13, 6963 Lugano Pregassona – Tel. +41 58 866 65 11

You can request a duplicate for free by making an appointment at one of the City counters and blocking the card via email at my@lugano.ch.

You can view the points balance by showing the QR code at one of the City counters or at a partner during a purchase.

You can make an appointment at one of the City counters to get a new card for free, making sure to bring the old one with you.

I own a business in Lugano

Customers, using the MyLugano App and an active Card, get LVGAs (cashback) linked to purchases made at participating stores. These LVGAs can be spent at any business affiliated with the MyLugano circuit.

  1. Attract new customers: Your business can attract new customers belonging to a fast-growing user community.
  2. Accept LVGA and offer an alternative payment method: Access over 400,000 CHF of LVGA circulating within the MyLugano circuit
  3. Zero transaction fees: transactions made in LVGA are not subject to transaction fees. 
  4. Visibility and co-marketing: Your business receives visibility through the newsletter, , on the MyLugano App and social media, through the map and with co-marketing support to promote your products and services.
  5. Participation in Digital Transformation: MyLugano offers a state-of-the-art digital platform and support for the digital transformation of small- to medium-sized merchants.
  6. No fixed cost: Being a MyLugano partner is free of charge. App, POS and all technical infrastructure are provided to you free of charge. The only requirement is that you offer a 10% (for MyLugano Card) or 5% (for MyLugano Pass) user rebate on products or services purchased from your business.

The operational headquarters and/or a point of delivery of its services must be within the municipal territory of Lugano. There are exceptions, evaluated on a case-by-case basis, concerning establishments operating outside the territory of Lugano, but not in competition with local businesses.

The partnership has an indefinite duration. A merchant who wishes to end the partnership must give written notice of termination to the Economic Development Division by writing to my@lugano.ch by the end of each month with 30 days’ notice and settle any negative balances. 

Membership in the circuit is free of charge. The city offers support, training, marketing materials and visibility at no additional cost.

Transactions made in LVGA have no additional costs:: neither in issuing cashback nor in receiving a payment 

At the end of each month you receive directly from the City of Lugano the consideration for LVGAs collected in CHF (net of cashback issued). The procedure is carried out entirely by the City as part of the service included in the MyLugano circuit.

App 4.0

The new version has simplified the registration process, replacing the red card system (for residents) and the blue card system (for non-residents) with a basic profile and a verified profile. This gives all users the opportunity to obtain more benefits.

Your profile has been automatically upgraded to a verified profile. You continue to enjoy all the previous benefits and a maximum cashback of 10% on all your purchases made within the circuit. You can view your MyLugano Card in the “card” section of your app.

Your profile has been automatically upgraded to a verified profile, and your MyLugano Pass has been promoted to a MyLugano Card. You continue to enjoy all the previous benefits and a maximum cashback of 10% on all your purchases made within the circuit. You can view your MyLugano Card in the “card” section of your app.

Upon logging into your app, you will have the opportunity to complete your profile. You will be asked for any missing information to activate your basic profile without going through the card purchase and identity verification process. The basic profile allows you to start making transactions with LVGA and receive a 5% cashback. If desired, you can upgrade to a verified profile, unlocking new features and obtaining a 10% cashback.

If you wish, you can go to the nearest City Point and receive a free MyLugano Card. This allows you to receive a 10% cashback on all your purchases.


App MyLugano

LVGA Token

Environmental impact

Who it is aimed at

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Account Management

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Analogue cards

I own a business in Lugano

App 4.0

January 2024