Explore the Future with MyLugano App's Web3 Features!

Welcome to the pulsating heart of Web3, where the MyLugano app opens doors to a world of new possibilities. In addition to payments with LVGA, the city's token, users can now access advanced Web3 features by managing new assets and NFTs.

Multichain Digital Wallet
Activate the "Assets" section and manage a personal custody multichain digital wallet. Save your seed phrase to access and safeguard your funds across different blockchains, expanding opportunities for managing digital assets.

Management of other Assets and Cryptocurrencies
In the "Assets" section, manage other assets and cryptocurrencies outside LVGA and the city's technological infrastructure (3Achain). Designed for experienced users, this section offers total flexibility in managing various types of digital assets.

Non Fungible Token (NFT)
Activate the dedicated Non-Fungible Token (NFT) section to collect, manage, send, and receive unique digital pieces. Thanks to collaborations with prominent Web3 companies, experience NFTs with innovative and cutting-edge use cases.

Safe exploration

Remember, with great possibilities comes great responsibility. These advanced features are designed for exploration and experimentation, not as encouragement for speculation. Before diving into the world of NFTs and digital assets, understand the risks and gain knowledge. Make sure to save your seed phrase immediately and store it in a secure location. As the sole owner of the digital resources in your account, you bear all the risks of asset loss. MyLugano holds no responsibility for the fluctuation or loss of digital resources associated with the use of the assets or NFT section of your app. MyLugano cannot access your secret phrase and/or recover your funds in case of its loss.