Antimo Bertolino is an artist and restorer who launched his career in October 2000 by taking over an antique furniture restoration store. His passion for restoration and artistic creation guided him to express himself through works of art, finding in restoration a natural medium to manifest his creative vision. Since 2017, Antimo has begun to explore new art forms, focusing on creating hand-carved MDF wood works inspired by celestial phenomena such as black holes and gravitational waves, often using metallic colors that evoke the spatial imagery of X-ray photos.

His work has earned significant recognition, including being named among the finalists in the Rivista Arte art competition in 2017 with the work “Take Your Time,” later exhibited at the prestigious Palazzo Reale in Milan. Antimo Bertolino continues to explore the intersection of art and science, creating works that reflect his deep connection with the universe and his ongoing quest for artistic expression.

📷 portrait: Antimo