Antimo Bertolino

antimo bertolino

Antimo Bertolino is an artist and restorer who launched his career in October 2000 by taking over an antique furniture restoration store. His passion for restoration and artistic creation guided him to express himself through works of art, finding in restoration a natural medium to manifest his creative vision. Since 2017, Antimo has begun to […]

Libreria Il Segnalibro


Il Segnalibro Bookstore, opened in December 2002 by Francesca, Sabina and Prisca, was born out of the three partners’ shared passion for books and their experience in the book industry. Centrally located and spacious, this bookstore serves as a cultural landmark in the city, offering a wide selection of national and international titles, including foreign […]

Pasticceria Laboratorio San Giorgio

Pasticceria San Giorgio

Pasticceria Laboratorio San Giorgio, opened in July 2021, is the result of the meeting between Gianluca Mollo and Ugo Klainguti, a marriage of talent and tradition. Gianluca, who has nurtured a passion for pastry making since he was three years old, followed his vocation, honing his skills at Iginio Massari’s school in Brescia and interning […]

Pizza Burger


Pizza Burger, opened in July 2018 by Rafael and Isabela, represents the realization of a dream born from their rich experience in the restaurant industry, both domestic and international. With the opening of this innovative establishment, the couple wanted to revolutionize the concept of fast food by merging two of the most beloved dishes: pizza […]

Doctor Phone

doctor phone

Doctor Phone, opened by Loris in January 2021, is the culmination of a professional and personal journey entirely dedicated to technology. Since the age of 13, Loris began exploring the world of electronics, starting amateurishly at home, and then evolving professionally in parallel with the technological evolution. His training in electrical engineering and innate passion […]

Beauty Corner Estetica

Beauty Corner Estetica

Opened in June 2012 by Elba, Beauty Corner Estetica is the result of a passion turned into reality. An economics graduate from Brazil, Elba has always had a deep interest in the world of aesthetics, considering it a true vocation. After moving to Ticino for love, she decided to follow her dream in her drawer, […]

Staglio – La Pizza al Taglio


Opened by Katia and Antonio in March 2018, Staglio has brought the authentic Roman pan pizza experience to Ticino, combining passion and dedication in creating a light and crispy pizza that delights the palate. Commitment to the selection of fresh ingredients is at the core of their philosophy, ensuring a high-quality culinary offering that also […]



Shoppa Smart Technology Store, opened in October 2023 by Gian Franco Rizza, is the one-stop shop for technology enthusiasts and experts. Specializing in the sale, service and repair of devices such as smartphone, computers and tablets, the store is committed to providing complete solutions for every technological need. In addition to basic services, it offers […]



Opened in January 2023 by Daniele, known in the industry as Skyzzo, and Simone, BOH! Tattoo Studio stands out for its mastery of realistic, fine-line tattoos, as well as the difficult art of cover-up, offering a second life to skin through the transformation of old tattoos into new works of art. Skyzzo brings with him […]

Circular Lugano


Circular Lugano, opened in May 2022 by Mirco and Luca De Savelli, presents itself as an innovative solution to excessive consumption and environmental pollution. Founded on the principle of reuse and rental, this project aims to reduce waste by offering a sustainable alternative to purchasing items that are used sporadically. The inspiration came about during […]