Il Segnalibro Bookstore, opened in December 2002 by Francesca, Sabina and Prisca, was born out of the three partners’ shared passion for books and their experience in the book industry. Centrally located and spacious, this bookstore serves as a cultural landmark in the city, offering a wide selection of national and international titles, including foreign language books.

Il Segnalibro is distinguished by its extensive catalog and ability to procure books that are not readily available, making it a valuable resource especially for school textbooks. In addition to physical sales, the bookstore has expanded its offerings with an online shop, facilitating access to its services to a wider audience. Dedicated to promoting reading and interaction among fans, Il Segnalibro Bookstore organizes monthly book clubs stimulating dialogue and interest in new releases and literary classics. With these initiatives, Bookmark not only sells books, but creates an active and involved community of readers.

📷 portrait: Prisca and Francesca