Pizza Burger, opened in July 2018 by Rafael and Isabela, represents the realization of a dream born from their rich experience in the restaurant industry, both domestic and international. With the opening of this innovative establishment, the couple wanted to revolutionize the concept of fast food by merging two of the most beloved dishes: pizza and the burger. The heart of Pizza Burger’s proposal lies in the high quality and freshness of the ingredients used, with an unwavering commitment to preparing a wide range of products daily and freshly, from burgers to pizza, via sandwiches and other tasty dishes. Rafael and Isabela’s goal from the beginning has been to transform the often negative image associated with the hamburger, showing how even “”fast food”” can be healthy and nutritious, without compromising on the quality and authenticity of the ingredients, if prepared with care and attention without resorting to preservatives or additives.

📷 portrait: Rafael and Isabela