Opened in April 2021 by Joel Fioroni, an entrepreneur in the film industry, the Stage12 store brings with it the essence of the old LUX cinema in Massagno. The store, run by Antonio, is enhanced with movie paraphernalia and memorabilia, creating an environment that evokes the magical atmosphere of cinema, an element that also inspired the store’s name. During the difficult times of the pandemic, Joel sought to reinvent himself, turning his passion for cinema into an innovative entrepreneurial venture. Stage12 is not just a store, but a reference point for sustainability lovers in Ticino, offering products from eco-friendly brands made from environmentally friendly materials. In addition, the store periodically hosts pop-ups featuring products from local producers, such as Pro Senectute’s “DaCapo” Atelier, emphasizing the importance of community and local crafts.

📷 portrait: Antonio