Opened by Katia and Antonio in March 2018, Staglio has brought the authentic Roman pan pizza experience to Ticino, combining passion and dedication in creating a light and crispy pizza that delights the palate. Commitment to the selection of fresh ingredients is at the core of their philosophy, ensuring a high-quality culinary offering that also accommodates the needs of vegetarians and vegans, thanks to a rich variety of flavors. Staglio also offers a selection of traditional desserts, such as maritozzo and carrot cake, accompanied by a wide selection of Swiss beverages, completing a rich and varied dining experience. In addition to the on-site service, Staglio has expanded its offerings with an online shop and home delivery service, and with the opening of its second location in Taverne two years ago, it has also extended its service to handling large orders for companies.

📷 Maria Grazia and Katia