La Colombina patisserie, opened by Gianluca Fiorentini and his wife Emanuela in March 2023, located on the beautiful Via della Posta, has become an oasis for lovers of high-quality artisanal pastries.

The laboratory and store in Massagno were the starting point of this culinary journey, which began after taking over the historic Colombo Ciambelle, dating back to 1944. Gianluca’s dedication has received well-deserved accolades, including the award for the best tiramisu in 2021, highlighting his ability to create desserts that captivate the palate.”La Colombina” is not limited to tradition: it also offers wheat flour-free and lactose-free products, including the famous tiramisu, to meet the needs of all customers. And let’s not forget our furry friends, with special little snacks created just for them!

📷 portrait: Emanuela