Pasticceria Laboratorio San Giorgio, opened in July 2021, is the result of the meeting between Gianluca Mollo and Ugo Klainguti, a marriage of talent and tradition. Gianluca, who has nurtured a passion for pastry making since he was three years old, followed his vocation, honing his skills at Iginio Massari’s school in Brescia and interning at Biasetto’s. In Ticino, he met Ugo, whose family founded the historic Pasticceria Klainguti in Genoa, famous for delighting even Giuseppe Verdi.

The meeting between Gianluca and Ugo gave rise to the idea of starting Pasticceria Laboratorio San Giorgio together, specializing in macarons, leavened goods and their specialty, Pan di Carona. Their offerings range between Italian and international pastries, using local raw materials. With just a few simple ingredients-eggs, sugar, butter and flour-Gianluca and Ugo manage to give good cheer to their customers.

📷 portrait: Gianluca and Simona